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Raise Prices? Are You Nuts?

Maybe I am, but when the significant cost-cutting opportunities that companies have focused on since the Great Recession began are exhausted, shouldn’t company executives give it serious consideration?  Increased prices translate into increased gross and net profits. There are essentially … Continue reading

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When the Decision is Made for You

My Oak & Apple partner Cal put up a post titled “Hat Trick” not too long ago about an unsatisfying experience at a lululemon store, highlighting how an absence of customer focus led him to decide to stop doing business … Continue reading

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Not too long ago the partners at Oak & Apple met to review client status. As we started the discussion, Bill, a scratch golfer, commented that in a recent tournament he hadn’t been able to settle down and play his … Continue reading

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In Coming! Crisis in the Oval (or Corner) Office

The headlines from Washington are filled with reports of multiple investigations of government agencies, from the State Department due to the Benghazi attack and Justice for the seizure of AP reporters’ phone logs to allegations the IRS targeted selected organizations. … Continue reading

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Brand Crazy

People familiar with Oak & Apple know we emphasize the importance of developing a thorough brand strategy for companies and their sibling product lines. The basis for placing so heavy a burden on having a well defined brand strategy is … Continue reading

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