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In Coming! Crisis in the Oval (or Corner) Office

The headlines from Washington are filled with reports of multiple investigations of government agencies, from the State Department due to the Benghazi attack and Justice for the seizure of AP reporters’ phone logs to allegations the IRS targeted selected organizations. … Continue reading

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What Makes Decisions Effective?

As president of your company, how do you assess how good your business performance is? Do you review financials, daily operations efficiency reports, SalesForce entries, cash flow? Do you begin by talking with your department heads or VPs? Do you call your … Continue reading

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In God We Trust. But Should We?

Should we trust in the role of US dollars as the measure of corporate success, that is. If not to optimize return on investment, what is the role of private enterprise in society? Or, as some politicians suggest, should we … Continue reading

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Brand Crazy

People familiar with Oak & Apple know we emphasize the importance of developing a thorough brand strategy for companies and their sibling product lines. The basis for placing so heavy a burden on having a well defined brand strategy is … Continue reading

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Does Delivery Really Matter?

Imagine facing a room full of skittish investors and analysts to present your company’s management plan for the next quarter. Talk about high stakes and high stress. That was the exact scenario recently faced by a client company when they … Continue reading

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5 Secrets to Persuasive Communications

You’re preparing to speak to your Board of Directors, present a budget for approval, launch a new initiative or rally the troops in the office. It’s clear that each of these endeavors requires a persuasive conversation. Like most business people, … Continue reading

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