About Oak & Apple Partners, LLC

Oak & Apple Partners, LLC is grounded in the belief that with determination and knowledge a tomorrow can be created that delivers a more prosperous and healthy world.

We advise company owners and managers in times of major transition like internally funded growth, expansion through acquisition or survival during turnaround on how to translate their vision to customers, trade partners, employees and shareholders in a way that inspires trust and delivers on the promise.

Oak & Apple partners are recognized as thought leaders in strategic planning, marketing and sales, financial management and operations.  Each of us has experience in enterprise level organizations, family businesses and start – ups. We are also experienced in all phases of business life, from inception to hyper-growth and turn around.

We know how to deploy technology to enhance profits yet understand that all of us are human and must be understood. We mentor teams to develop trust, and, as appropriate, say “thank you” or “you’re not carrying your weight.”

At a fundamental level, business strategy reflects a pattern of behavior or what is done rather than what is written or said.  We coach and mentor executives to lead rather than just manage.

We understand results are what counts, but character matters equally.

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