A Mission to the Philippines

When I told people I was going to the Philippines they automatically asked if it was for business.  I guess it appears that I travel frequently on  business (not really).  However, when I do travel I have gone to some interesting places, China, Germany, Belgium, France, Czech Republic and not to be forgotten Las Vegas, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago…..

This trip is different, it is about business but not that kind of business.  It’s about the business of saving lifes, specifically children’s lifes.  I’m on a medical mission to the Philippines sponsored and supported by Rotary International, Gift of Life International, and Rotary District 7500 Gift of Life Foundation.  I could go on about all the great things Rotary does locally, nationally and internationally but that’s for another time (www.rotary.org).

This mission is about Gift of Life International (www.giftoflifeinternational.org),  a Rotarian-based organization that over the past 4 decades has helped more than 17,000 children from emerging countries receive treatment for their heart disease.  These children have come from 67 different countries and otherwise would not have been treated.

The “Our Hearts Are In…” global initiative focuses on the development of sustainable pediatric cardiac surgery and aftercare programs.  These programs are defined by the empowerment of doctors and nurses to care for their own children.  Ongoing training, essential equipment acquisition and supplement supply programs have been implemented to ensure that children afflicted with congenital heart defects (CHDs) can be cared for on a sustainable and reliable basis.

Missions like this don’t happen by chance.  Groups like Rotary and Gift of Life don’t function by accident.  Yes, it takes the dedication and passion of people involved but it starts with an idea, a plan and action.  IPA, if you like acronyms (nod to the beer lovers who read this).

Missions and organizations happen because someone (the visionsary) had an Idea that provides the vision and objectives.

The visionary is supported by those (the strategists) to who understand the vision and objectives and create the Plan bridging the Idea to Action.

The visionary and strategists are supported by those (the soldiers) who perform the Actions that make up the strategy to complete the vision.

It’s simple but complex.  It requires clarity of thought with passion and commitment.  Whether in your business , your personal life or how you decide to give back your time, it works.  That’s how organizations like Rotary and Gift of Life do the work they do.

Here’s the great thing about this mission – I get to do great work while being part of the Action team that executes the Plan that fulfills the Idea.  It’ll be a great experience for all involved.

(PS – I’d be remiss to not to give credit to R. Michael Rose and his book titled ROE for its simplicity and briefness.  It’s worth a read.)

About Bill Donnelly

Experienced Turnaround Executive, Certified Business Coach and Accredited Master Mentor
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One Response to A Mission to the Philippines

  1. WE Calligaro says:


    Outstanding. Congratulations on your service and getting the essence of volunteerism right.


    WE (Cal) Calligaro MacDuff Partners, LLC t: 973-492-0670 c:973-769-7735 W: http://www.macduffpartners.com L*I: *www.linkedin.com/in/calcalligaro

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