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Republican Head, Democratic Heart, and Bad Law

My spouse aptly characterizes me as having a Republican head and Democratic heart; she means that I think analytically but can let my compassion for those less fortunate than us govern my decision-making (consider me a centrist).  But a recent measure introduced … Continue reading

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What Makes Decisions Effective?

As president of your company, how do you assess how good your business performance is? Do you review financials, daily operations efficiency reports, SalesForce entries, cash flow? Do you begin by talking with your department heads or VPs? Do you call your … Continue reading

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When I was a kid, drag racing was king and The Beach Boys were on top with “Shut Down” and “409“. Ronnie & The Daytonas with weren’t far behind in the rankings with “Little GTO“. My friends Yewell, Eliezer, Cazel … Continue reading

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