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“Call me Ishmael.” Thoughts about Logos and Brand Marketing

Herman Melville’s Moby Dick opens with one of the most famous lines in American literature, “Call me Ishmael.” The novel is also the inspiration for the logo of Howard Schultz’s Starbucks coffee empire. The siren acknowledges both the seafaring nature … Continue reading

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KPI’s – A Call to Action

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Vision Without Action is a Daydream. Action Without Vision is a Nightmare.

Over the last several weeks executives from both Fortune 500 and mid-market companies, in talking about limits to top performance, said the big barrier to their personal and team success was not understanding where their company was going or what … Continue reading

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Is Your Warehouse a “Wherehouse?”

How an effective Inventory Management System can increase profits. Do you have a plan for an effective Inventory Management System?  Success starts with a vision, and visions are realized through effective planning. Effective plans separate the winners from the rest … Continue reading

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