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You say your business is customer-centric, but is it?

A business associate in North Carolina recently drove his Lexus to New Jersey to handle some family business over the course of a 5-day period.  Over the weekend, his vehicle developed mechanical issues and on Monday morning, he made an … Continue reading

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So You Think You Know What Your Company is Worth?

Recently we have seen a significant increase in merger and acquisition interest in our client base. That activity prompted me to review business valuations for businesses sold several years ago. The first lesson from this review was the need to lose … Continue reading

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So, your multi-million dollar investment tanked. Can you spell t-r-u-s-t?

We were retained by management of a small technology firm to help them focus on clarity of objectives, strategic initiatives and tactics as they energize their team environments once they were funded by an investor group. We were cognizant of … Continue reading

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Compelling Advertising and the Technology Trap

A recent Subaru ad clearly demonstrates the power of targeted, emotional selling. The ad features a dad giving his car keys to his young daughter on her first solo drive; it is simple, interruptive and relevant, which makes it memorable … Continue reading

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You and your team can use SWOT, a strategic planning method, to reach a favorable desired outcome. SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) is a well-known strategic planning method that can help analyze the value of a project or business … Continue reading

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Is your inventory performing?

A tight economy demands high performance in all areas, which is why it pays to keep tabs on your inventory, one of your company’s largest investments. How you manage your inventory can be the ticket to soaring profits — or … Continue reading

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There Are 2 Types of Performance Measures; Only 1 Drives Your Business *

Often when I start working with business owners and management, I ask them what their KPI’s are.  I’ll hear responses such as “my company’s Accounts Receivable Days Sales Outstanding”, “our backlog of open orders and pipeline of leads and proposals”, … Continue reading

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I Hate My BlackBerry (Droid, I Phone…) or Am I an Instrument of Efficiency

I’ve  just  finished  watching  a  commercial  for  a  new  Droid  phone  (you  can  put  another  name  in  its  place).   Am  I  to  believe  I  can  be  more  efficient  and  more  effective  by  answering  emails  IN  THE  MIDDLE  OF  A  MEETING? … Continue reading

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It is vital you understand the difference between turnaround coaching and turnaround consulting

Consultants have specific skills, experiences and responsibilities they utilize to achieve a specific result. A turnaround consultant should have multiple skill sets, some of which include: business analytics, financial profiling, a working knowledge of accounting (financial and operating), organizational/financial symmetry, … Continue reading

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Double Blind Technology Trap

Business publications are by and large optimistic about the contribution of emerging technologies to growing healthier companies, work environments and even countries. For example, McKinsey Quarterly published a stimulating discussion of how advancing technologies are changing business models from linear … Continue reading

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